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Carré Neige Insurance

Be well insured to enjoy your holiday in complete peace of mind!

esf Chabanon offers you two packages to provide you with all the insurance and assistance guarantees for your stay in Chabanon:
- Carré Neige "Cancellation": cancellation and interruption insurance
- Carré Neige "Alpin" : interruption insurance

These insurances are the result of a collaboration between the Savoie Committee, an insurer Europe Assistance, a broker Diot montagne and the main mountain actors (esf and the ski area operators).

For more information:
The Carré Neige insurance can be purchased at the ski lift offices.

Carré Neige "Cancellation"


Holiday dates changed at the last minute, a serious health problem... there are many situations that you can't control and which may force you to cancel your stay before the end of your stay.

This is why Carré Neige has created Carré Neige CANCELLATION. For 3€30 per day and per person, if you have to cancel your stay, your lift passes and lessons booked t in advance are fully refunded.

And if you go on holiday as agreed, there is no need to take out insurance again. With Carré Neige CANCELLATION, you are also insured once you are there!

You benefit from complete services, adapted to your winter sports activities, a 2 in 1 insurance. The best option to cover you and your family.

Guarantees before your stay:

  • Serious illness, serious accident or death.
    Your spouse, a close friend, a member of your family* or yourself fall seriously ill before your stay? No worries, Carré Neige CANCELLATION fully refunds the lift passes and lessons booked in advance, provided that the name of the person concerned is also the name of the person covered by Carré Neige.

  • Complications due to pregnancy and vaccination contraindications.
    You or your spouse are less than 6 months pregnant and must absolutely stop all professional activity? With Carré Neige CANCELLATION, you are reimbursed. 

  • Professional reasons
    Redundancy, transfer, internship or job offer during your stay, change of dates for your paid holidays*... With Carré Neige CANCELLATION, you are reimbursed.

  • Summoned to a court or to a make-up exam.
    You have been chosen as a juror for a court case? Your adoption procedure is finally successful? Do you have to retake an exam? When the dates of the summons coincide with the period of your stay, the Carré Neige CANCELLATION allows you not to lose everything.

Guarantees during your stay (see below the "Alpine" guarantees)

Carré Neige "Alpin"


Accident between skiers, sprains, fractures, dislocations, head injuries... Alpine skiing involves many risks. There are around 100,000 and 150,000 accidents every year. This is why Carré Neige has created Carré Neige ALPIN to provide you with all the necessary insurance and assistance guarantees in case of accident during your stay.

For €2.80 per day and per person, you benefit from the skills of the best professionals in the sector and complete services, from rescue on the slopes to reimbursement of ski passes and ambulance transport.

The Guarantees :
  • Rescue and evacuation
    Carré Neige covers you from the moment the rescue team arrives until you are transferred to the most suitable medical centre. Thanks to Carré Neige, the costs of rescue and search as well as the costs of the first transport are covered.

  • Complementary reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation expenses...!
    From the smallest to the biggest injury, it's a real advantage. Carré Neige reimburses the medical expenses that you have to pay in addition to the compulsory scheme and/or your medical supplement up to €3,000 (after deduction of a €46 excess). > Being well insured means being insured whatever the seriousness of the accident and the amount of expenses incurred!

  • Repatriation
    If you are unable to travel, Carré Neige will repatriate you and your family members to your home. If your condition prevents you from moving normally, Carré Neige will repatriate you and your children under 15 years old and even bring back your vehicle if necessary.

  • Reimbursement of ski passes and/or lessons
    With Carré Neige, unused ski passes and/or lessons are refunded. In all these cases and many others, Carré Neige refunds your unused ski passes and/or lessons.